NSURL and NSURLComponents

NSURL and NSURLComponents are classes for handling URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). In this post we discuss the most important features of these classes.

Swift 2.0: API Availability Checking

Swift is all about safety. With the introduction of the automatic API availability checking in Swift 2.0, there is another great new feature that makes your apps more stable.

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tvOS Development

Just a week ago Apple introduced tvOS, which is a completely new platform in the Apple universe. And as an iOS developer, you will love tvOS development.

Hard-to-Reproduce Bugs

Sometimes you encounter bugs that are very hard to reproduce. In this post we discuss the two most common reasons for this kind of bug.

Swift: Generics

Objective-C lacks one very important feature: Generics. Luckily, Swift has this feature. Generics enable you to declare functions, classes and structs that work with different types.

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