NSTimer – Repeat

The NSTimer class is a workhorse of iOS applications, but it is also complex, fraught with hidden gotchas and cumbersome to use. For example, when a timer expires, its callback mechanism consists of performing a selector on a target object, which doesn’t work with a pure Swift class (or struct, etc.) and forces us to… Continue reading NSTimer – Repeat

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How To Show And Hide A Date Picker From A Table View Cell

If your app needs a date and/or time to be chosen, sometimes it is best not to have the user segue to a different View in order to accomplish this. This tutorial will demonstrate how to show and hide a Date Picker contained in a Table View Cell.

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The Grand Transition

Deciding to transition into a new career field can be paralyzing. The thought of learning new skills, meeting new people, or working in a new environment is overwhelming. Our brains are wired for safety. It’s this “wiring” that stops us from venturing into new realms of possibilities. We would rather drag through our daily grinds… Continue reading The Grand Transition

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