Hard-to-Reproduce Bugs

Sometimes you encounter bugs that are very hard to reproduce. In this post we discuss the two most common reasons for this kind of bug.

The Strategy Pattern

The strategy pattern gives you the possibility to change the concrete implementation of an algorithm any time without breaking the rest of your code. Furthermore, it is a very good example of using polymorphism.

Building Memory Efficient Apps

The performance of mobile devices got much stronger over the last few years. However, there is and always will be a huge performance deficit compared to desktop computers. At the same time, requirements for the user interface got stronger as well. So there is still the need to write memory efficient applications for mobile devices.

The MVC-Trap

The fundamental software architecture pattern in iOS and Mac OS  development is the Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC). The idea of this pattern is, that each of these three layers has a clear and precise role, which leads to more reusable code and less bugs. However, in iOS development there is a drastic tendency that the controller layer… Continue reading The MVC-Trap

Container ViewController

Basically, there are two types of view controllers: Content view controllers and container view controllers. Container view controllers are used to manage some set of content view controllers and present them as so-called child view controllers, whereas content view controllers are used to present – surprise – some content. Most of the times, container view… Continue reading Container ViewController