Type Casting in Swift

In object-oriented programming, type casting is used to treat an object as one of another type. In this article we will discuss how this works in Swift.


UIAlertView and UIActionSheet are deprecated since iOS 8. The new way to go is UIAlertController, which can be configured  as an AlertView or as an ActionSheet.

How To Stay Up-To-Date On iOS Development

iOS development is changing very quickly. Not a long time ago, nobody knew about Swift and size classes. Today, they are essential tools and techniques every iOS developer should know. So learning regularly is very important for every iOS developer.  However, it is not easy to stay up-to-date. In this article we discuss the best methods to do so.… Continue reading How To Stay Up-To-Date On iOS Development

NSURL and NSURLComponents

NSURL and NSURLComponents are classes for handling URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). In this post we discuss the most important features of these classes.

Swift: Enums

An enum is a data type that has a finite set of possible values. In this post we discuss will the most important aspects of enums in Swift.